Our providers do amazing work

Virginia’s free and charitable clinics are powered by volunteers who step up to meet the healthcare needs of those who lack access across the state.

Annually, more than 2,000 licensed healthcare provider volunteers donate their time and energy to provide care for more than 60,000 patients each year. That’s 60,000 hardworking people who gain access to the care and medications they need so they can stay healthy and out of the hospital. 60,000 Virginians who in addition to healthcare, may be eligible to receive food, clothing, job search aid, and mental health support. 60,000 people who are given a real opportunity to prevent disease and live a healthier lifestyle.

Volunteer providers make free clinics possible

We could not do what we do without the help of our volunteer providers. These are selfless and truly special individuals who have taken an opportunity to give back to their neighbors and communities. In fact, a number of free clinics providers are retired licensed medical professionals who want to stay connected to the field of medicine and care for people without the pressures and constraints of private practice. At free clinics, these providers spend all the time in the world with their patients and are better able to make a real impact in someone’s life.

Our providers are incredibly passionate about the work they do. They practice in free and charitable clinic settings because they truly care about treating patients from underserved communities and protecting individuals and families from healthcare crises. Our teams are fully invested in helping manage patients long-term health issues and are honored and rewarded to be part of people’s long-term healthcare journeys. Simply put, providers volunteer to work at free clinics across Virginia not because they have to, but because they love what they do and the impact they can have in a person’s life.

Want to join our volunteer team?

Free and charitable clinics across the state are always looking for talented and selfless individuals who want to give back to their communities and help make Virginia healthier.

Visit our volunteers page to get started.

Our quality providers are helping us redefine what free clinics are and all they can be.