Each individual clinic has its own eligibility requirements.

However, as a general rule, to be eligible for services you must be uninsured and meet some form of income requirement:

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Visit our Clinics Listings page to contact a clinic in your area about their eligibility requirements.


Are Free Clinics for Me?

Despite Virginia’s recent Medicaid expansion, the need for free and charitable clinics has never been more profound. Free clinics across Virginia serve as a safety net to those who do not qualify for Medicaid and can’t afford private health insurance or the direct cost of medical services.

Free clinics care for families, communities, and hardworking individuals. You most likely know someone who doesn’t have health insurance and would meet the criteria to seek care at a free clinic. Free clinic patients are:

  • Employed people with part-time and hourly jobs
  • Self-employed individuals and contract employees
  • People who work in an industry that does not typically provide health insurance benefits to employees
  • Folks who have fallen on hard times due to the pandemic
  • Individuals who work in food service, retail, construction, and hospitality
  • Parents trying to stay healthy and/or raise healthy families
  • Workers who may have recently lost their job and employer-sponsored insurance
  • Virginians who live in cities as well as rural areas
  • Your friends, neighbors, and family members – people like you

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